Race, Health & Happiness

S03E11 - Sur-THRIVING During The Holidays!

December 21, 2022 Dr. Onye Nnorom Season 3 Episode 11
Race, Health & Happiness
S03E11 - Sur-THRIVING During The Holidays!
Show Notes

"I am a HUGE fan of centering Black Joy during the holidays! As an antidote to the materialism, colonial social structures, and more recently the pandemic-related isolation, I think it’s important to celebrate with friends and loved ones, good food, and good music, all grounded in our rich cultural traditions.

In this special episode of the “Race, Health & Happiness” podcast I sit down with my Senior Producer Dr. Karl Kabasele to share memories of holidays past, and to discuss how we can all find joy, connection, and rejuvenation during this festive season.  However you celebrate, whether you embrace a religious or cultural tradition or not, there is room for everyone around our RHH holiday table!

At the end of the show we also take a look at the future of RHH and our plans to expand the role of our BIPOC journalism and production students as we prepare to launch Season 4 in February of 2023.

On behalf of the whole RHH Family, here’s wishing you Health & Happiness now and into the New Year!”
                                 - Dr. O

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